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History of Young Blood

District Daska has 29 Union Councils. Population of Daska city is approximately 3 Lac, and Population of District Daska is 10 Lac. Daska is Famous for Cultivation, Engines, Agriculture Instruments and Surgical Equipment Young Blood Foundation pioneer institution of welfare works has solemnized many Projects to Serve general People. All Members have devoted their lives for the cause of Welfare of Community. In 1988, this center was named as Daska Scouts Open Group, which purposed to train Scouts. Its founders are Haji Yaqoob (Late), Haji Zahid Jahangir, Zulfiqar Baba, Tanveer Ahmed Mughal. In 1993, it started working as Young Blood Bank.

A few scouts gathered and laid the Foundation of scouts open group in 1981 to train scouts.Some of these scouts took the charge ,and step forward to run his as a Non Government .The young blood Foundation is the pioneer institute for the donation of blood in Tehsil Daska Distt.Sialkot.To make a supply of young blood Foundation .The organization started to work as an Anti Narcotics unit in 2000,and treatment center was estgablished for addicted people under this organization in 2001 with the support of deputy director Anti-narcoticsForce, Punjab. Sahibzada jodat Ayaz AC daska allocated land, Soon after talon Block was constructed for the treatment and rehabilitation addicted people. Moreover father of Chairman Young Blood Foundation donated some more land for the construction rehabilitation center for drug addicted with the name of “Aas Center”. IN the center not only facility of treatment provided to drug addicts, but different therapies also implement under the supervision of qualified staff.Aas center is providing the facilities; could therapies ,physio therapy,medication,group therapies ,morning meetings and follow up for the rehabilitation of patients, and this service is going on. All these efforts are continue under the supervision of Young Blood Foundation. Young Blood Foundation has the credit to be first Pakistani member of AFTC and WFTC of America. The organization is going all these efforts on self-help based for the reduction of during demand.

Mission Statement

The Young Blood Foundation is the Pioneer institution for the Donation of Blood. To make a Supply of Young Blood at anytime to anybody is the Manifesto of Young Blood Foundation. Blood Bank Solemnized in 1993; but now 14 Blood units are Working. Blood is provided on the basis of Blood Exchange System.

Aims & Objectives

Many Projects like Relief Works for Flood-victims, Relief for Earthquake victims, Sports, Blood Bank, Laboratories, Drugs Abuse Rehabilitation Center, Maternity Care Hospital, Handicraft School, Non-formal Education, Burial of Hairless Corpses, Cell for Displaced Persons, Emergency Cell, Ambulance Services, AIDS Prevention and awareness Program, Health Caring Center, Children Rights and Women Rights are Serving now a Days. Tanveer Ahmed Mughal has been Serving the Foundation as a President since 1993..


Nature of Organization

piritual training is necessary for patients. Religious information concerning patients, teaching basics of Islam and worship is also practiced daily.Religious lectures are given to patients for best moral support.

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